2018/2019 Season:

Fall League:

Our Fall Member League will play on Friday nights from 9/28 through 12/14 with a week off for Thanksgiving on 11/23. Ice prep will begin around 7:30 with us getting on the ice as quickly as possible.

Curling League Schedule – Fall 2018

Beginners Fall League

This fall, we are planning on holding a beginners league to allow those individuals still trying to find their footing on the ice the opportunity to play with others at their skill level. This year, following the completion of our Learn-to-Curl schedule for the fall, we’ll be holding a 6 week beginners league on Friday nights from 10/19 through 11/30 with a week off for Thanksgiving on 11/23. We will be holding the league from 930p-1130p. Our target right now is to get 12 teams filled out, allowing everyone to play 5 games over the course of the league. Hopefully, this will give everyone some additional exposure to the sport and allow you to learn more before making a larger commitment. For this season, we are setting the price at $150 per person. However, if you decide to join the club (either now or later), we will credit your account $50 and only ask that you pay $50 more to become a full member. Links to pay your league fees will be available after you’ve completed the form below.

Beginners Fall League form

If you are interested in subbing, we will be charging $25 a session.

See you on the ice!