Dedicated Ice

The Circle City Curling Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and education of the sport of curling in Indianapolis.   Our current home is The Arctic Zone, which also hosts hockey, figure skating, and other ice sports on the same sheet of ice we play. However, actual curling ice is different from skating or hockey ice.  Ice for skating and hockey is prepared by a Zamboni machine running over the surface of the ice, filling in the nooks and crannies from skate marks, and making a somewhat level surface. Curling ice is prepped differently. It needs to be extremely level, pebbled (this is where we spray hot water droplets on top of the ice which freeze so the stones can glide over the pebbled surface) and at just the right temperature for stones to slide smoothly and consistently. It’s also best if the stones are kept cold and the humidity is well controlled to prevent condensation, something we cannot do at our current facility.  One of the goals of almost any curling club is to make the transition from arena ice, to a dedicated curling facility.

Having a dedicated curling facility provides us with three key elements:

A More “Curling Friendly” Design 

There’s more to curling than just being on the ice.  You need storage space for the extra curling equipment, ice making and water conditioning facilities, locker rooms, a warm room for gathering before and after curling (hopefully with beverage service), and a place to watch the people on the ice curl.

Better Control Over The Environment

If you’ve seen a curling rink and a hockey rink, you know each have their own set of lines.  While the two can co-exist, it’s easier when the ice is kept clean, being able to set all the lines without interfering with the other.  More than that, with a dedicated facility, we will have better control over ice and air temperature, humidity, water quality, and can take extra time to create level, well-pebbled, quality curling ice.

More Scheduling Flexibility

The other two points make for great curling, but this point, above the others, helps us bring curling to the community.  Scheduling flexibility allows us to offer “Learn to Curl” clinics during prime times and on short notice.  It’s also easier to work with high schools and offer students a chance to learn and try a sport they might not otherwise see –except during the Olympics. We could also help the local economy by hosting events that would include out-of-town curling teams and clubs.

Naturally, none of this is without cost.  The estimated cost for a dedicated facility is between $500,000 and $1,700,000 depending on renting a facility or building one from the ground up.


As of November 30th, 2019 we have raised $203,439 towards our dedicated facility. We appreciate any and all donations as we strive to reach our Goal!

We’ve got the hammer, let’s build the house!

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The Circle City Curling Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and education of the sport of curling in Indianapolis.. All donations made to the club can be deducted from your taxable income each year.