Circle City Curling Fall League 2019-20

It’s that time of year again!  Time to put the sunscreen, bug spray and summer clothes away and get back on the ice for another season of curling with CCCC (except Chris – he’ll keep wearing shorts).

We are happy to announce the first session in our curling season, the fall league.  However, with details at the Fuel Tank still up in the air, we don’t know exactly how everything is going to be laid out.  We can’t wait any longer, and need to start determining who is going to be able to play and how big that will make our league this year.  So, we’ll lay out the broad strokes now, and as we can finalize the rest of the details, we’ll pass them on accordingly.

Some of the details that we do have:
– We are planning on playing Friday nights again.  The times may shift slightly (30m or so – hopefully earlier), but in general we are going with the same schedule as last year.  Like the winter league last year, we are also planning on two playing slots, with some games at or about 730p and some at or about 930p.  Every team will play some games in each slot.
– Our goal is to get 20-24 teams put together, and over the course of at most 12 weeks each team playing about 10 games.
– We will be starting in mid-to-late-September and running through mid-December.  Exact dates are still pending, so we don’t know when the start will be or how many hockey events will preclude us from playing each week.  We will not be curling on the Friday after Thanksgiving, so you can plan on that.
– Bye weeks will be used as needed to get everyone the requisite number of games.  Again, that will depend on exactly how many teams we have signed up, but if you let us know about any preferences that you have, please include them below.
– Cost of this league is still in the air as well, as we haven’t gotten the fee structure from the rink yet.  In general, you can expect to pay $25-$30 per game.  Once we finalize the schedule, we’ll get links sent out so that you can pay online.  You can also bring a check on your first week of play.  All participants also need to be full members of the club in order to participate.  Prior to your first game, you MUST have paid both your membership dues and league dues.
– We do ask that any participants in a league with the club have also attended a learn to curl clinic either with us or another club before starting in the league.  As we don’t know when we have the ice, dates are not yet available.  Please check-in at for the latest set of dates of our available clinics.
– We have also had a number of individuals express interest in bonspieling this year.  In order to facilitate those who would like to play outside the club, we’ve included two additional questions regarding our Arena Nationals team (held in Gillette, WY from April 26-May 2, 2020) as well as 5-and-under spiels.  Anyone is eligible for the Arena teams and those of you who have played less than 5 years (from your first league night) are eligible to play in 5-and-under events.  In order to allow groups of people who would like to complete in these events and want to play together in league in preparation, please let us know if you’re interested and we’ll do what we can to help put you together with others with the same interests.

Please complete the Fall League Sign Up Form  before 9/13/19 so that we can have teams made by the first week.  See you on the ice!

Good curling!


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