Circumstances Outside Our Control

Unfortunately this spring, we had a first. The substructure under the rink we were using for our Spring Learn to Curls and Spring League collapsed in certain areas. The owners of the rink worked with us to try to build up the ice over these low spots, but ultimately could not create a reasonable playing surface for curling, or hockey.

Due to this development, the owners of the rink have made the decision to melt the ice now and rebuild the substructure before more damage occurs. However that leaves us without a home, and with nowhere to curl, we have been forced to cancel our Learn to Curls and Spring Leagues. We will be refunding the money you paid for clinics or leagues via a credit card refund. We plan to hold learn to curls as soon as we can get ice in the fall and will be updating our schedule on our website and FB page. We hope you will consider joining us next fall.

On behalf of the Circle City Curling Club, we apologize for the way things have turned out.


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