Winter Curling Sign-up Reminder

If you haven’t already signed up for Winter curling, please take a few minutes to go to the appropriate Friday or Sunday Doodle Poll and let us know your intentions. Thank you!

Friday Night Curling:

Our Friday night winter session of curling will begin on Friday, January 8th. Full schedule and team assignments will be made once we know who all is playing. We will also field one team each of four women and four men to participate in the US Arena Curling Nationals to be held in West Chester, Pa., on May 10-15. Your options for play at the link below are Friday league only, Friday league and nationals team, nationals team only, and sub only. Thanks.

Friday Night Sign Up – Doodle Poll

Sunday Morning Curling:
We will start our Sunday winter curling on Sunday January 10th. Leagues will be four weeks in length. However we will have a couple of conflicts due to hockey, so final dates will be determined. Thanks.

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